Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) has no shame. He made that clear while campaigning for GOP Senate candidate David McCormick in Pennsylvania on Friday by daring to criticize other Republicans for sucking up to Donald Trump.

McCormick is vying for the Republican nomination against Trump-endorsed Dr. Mehmet Oz among other GOP candidates. The seat is important for Democrats to keep control of the Senate and, perhaps, add to their majority so they can finally pass critical pieces of legislation that Republicans have been blocking, including a bill that would codify Roe v Wade.

But as Cruz campaigned for McCormick he made the interesting decision to mock other Republicans for kissing up to Trump.

“Just once, I’d love to see a Republican candidate stand up in a primary and say, ‘I am a moderate, establishment squish. I stand for absolutely nothing.’ It would be refreshingly honest at least,” Cruz told the audience. “But nobody says that. And by the way, they all pledge their love for Donald Trump. ‘I love Donald Trump,’ ‘No, no. I love Donald Trump more.’ ‘No, no, no. I have Donald Trump tattooed on my rear end.’”

Here’s the video via Twitter:

Even members of the crowd understood how hypocritical Cruz was being with those remarks because one attendee responded by asking Cruz to show his own Trump tattoo, which Cruz declined to do.

Ted Cruz is one of the ultimate members of the “Republicans who suck up to Trump” club. Despite Trump’s viciously insulting attacks on Cruz’s own wife and father during the 2016 Election, Cruz would go on to frequently praise Trump, and never once did he defend his wife against Trump’s attacks. In fact, Cruz never stood up to Trump at all, even helping to incite the Capitol insurrection and plotting to overturn the 2020 Election results so Trump could remain in power as a dictator.

Cruz had the last five years to stand up to Trump but did no such thing. He has repeatedly praised Trump and sided with him instead. Everyone knows it, even Republicans. And you can count on Cruz to get on his knees and grovel for forgiveness from Trump someday soon.

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