In the wake of another damning January 6th Committee public hearing, former GOP lawmaker William Cohen (R-Maine) called for the Justice Department to prosecute Donald Trump.

It really shouldn’t have to be repeated at this point that the DOJ has enough evidence and witness testimony to justify prosecuting Trump and members of his inner circle for planning, inciting, and trying to cover up the Capitol insurrection in which his supporters violently stormed the building in a scheme to overthrow democracy.

Yet, Attorney General Merrick Garland continues to drag his feet in what will be known as the next worst dereliction of duty in American history after Trump’s on January 6th if he does nothing.

The January 6th Committee added to their already damning case against Trump and his Republican accomplices on Thursday evening. The next morning, Cohen publicly called for Trump to be prosecuted.

He began by calling out Republicans who have admitted Trump committed crimes but will still vote for him if he is the 2024 GOP nominee.

“What? What are you saying?” Cohen said. “After you have seen everything he has done to the country you will vote for him? Is it party over country? Is it party over Constitution? Do you have ambition? Because you fear his supporters will attack you or your family? What is driving you to say, ‘I know how bad he is, I know what he did to this country yet I’ll vote for him again if the party nominates him.’ That, to me, is one of the real crimes of this case.”

Indeed, the GOP is such a cult that they are willing to continue supporting a criminal who tried to end democracy in our country. If Trump should return to the White House, he will most certainly corrupt the DOJ and use it to persecute his political opponents.

Cohen then laid out the case for prosecuting Trump immediately.

“We’re looking at whether he was a conspirator or co-conspirator,” Cohen said. “I would suggest there’s an element he could be charged with being an accessory before the fact and after the fact. Crimes were committed on Capitol Hill, and in traditional law enforcement if you are a participant by encouraging or sitting by while it’s taking place with a runaway car then you are an accessory before or after the fact. I think they have a lot to look at at the Justice Department, and I say make haste immediately, not slowly. Start the investigation if you haven’t started or assemble the grand jury and bring in people, including the Secret Service.”

Here’s the video via YouTube:

The Secret Service is currently under investigation for deleting text messages from January 5th and 6th that would likely be even more evidence against Trump.

This country cannot survive another Trump term. In fact, it’s highly likely democracy would come to an end. Prosecuting him is absolutely warranted and necessary. Garland must act or he needs to resign in disgrace for being too weak to defend the Constitution when it needs a defender the most.

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