Lawrence O’Donnell opened his show last night by revealing that former President Donald J Trump “can’t stop emailing him.”

Of course, one might think Trump would write Lawrence O’Donnell only to complain about the MSNBC host’s reporting on him. Reporting that is usually pretty factual. Perhaps it is a “cease and desist” letter to intimidate the host to stop reporting facts about him. Or maybe, just maybe, Trump needs some advice after his property in Florida was searched and he is really impressed with O’Donnell’s ability to get the word out.

But that wasn’t why O’Donnell is hearing from the twice impeached former POTUS.

The header of the email read “breaking” as to imply there was breaking news. Maybe it was a tip for O’Donnell to share with his viewers or the like.

No, that wasn’t it. O’Donnell, after teasing, revealed the reason for his email to Lawrence O’Donnell.


Yes, that’s right — fundraising. Shameless cash grabbing after the legal and lawful search of his property and residence.

According to the letter, the urgent matter Trump needed to reach out to O’Donnell was that he urgently needed 45 bucks from the MSNBC host. And, according to the email, he didn’t need it tomorrow, next week, or next month. The “deadline” for O’Donnell’s 45 dollars was “immediately.”

After having that fun, O’Donnell moved on to more serious matters, like how nothing any Republican has said about the FBI search has been true. To be fair, O’Donnell did mention that most Republicans have managed to keep their mouths shut since the search. The ones who have spoken out, however, have lied about what actually happened. Unfounded accusations about “planting” or “manufacturing” evidence during the search are about the only things Trump’s minions have been able to say. Of course, they ignore the fact that Trump could actually just reveal what they took, as he got a receipt inventorying what was taken. But Trump and his allies know that such a move would only invalidate his outrageous claims.

Some folks in various circles have been trying to pressure Attorney General Merrick Garland into “revealing his hand” as to why the search was necessary and what was taken. But based on Garland’s career, he doesn’t fall for such tricks and under his leadership as an attorney and judge before becoming Attorney General, leaks don’t happen. He runs a tight ship and knows how to dot his i’s and cross his t’s. If he does any kind of press conference or announcement, it is sure to be on his own terms and he will only say what is necessary.

UPDATE: Merrick Garland did indeed make a statement about the search. Garland stated that he signed off on the warrant personally and that the DOJ would file a motion to unseal it along with an inventory that will describe what was seized. One can reasonably expect that the revelations, even if some sensitive details are redacted, will show that Trump’s accusations carry no merit whatsoever. Furthermore, it shows how serious and apolitical Garland and the DOJ’s work is, and how Trump is doing nothing but showboating using lies and hyperbole just to raise money from his followers, who to many, seem more gullible by the day.

See the full clip including more information about what we do know to be true about the FBI search so far. below:

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