Former President Trump has developed a reputation over the years for failing to pay people who do work for him. It looks like we can add his new social media venture, Truth Social, to that list.

In 2016, USA Today analyzed at least 60 lawsuits and more than 200 mechanic’s liens for a report on his antics, they also found 24 citations since 2005 of Trump’s companies for violating the Fair Labor Standards Act “for failing to pay overtime or minimum wage.”

If one goes beyond that report, there is a clear pattern of Trump and the entities he runs stiffing everyone from employees to contractors and other businesses.

So, the new revelations that Trump is once again stiffing people who work for him might not be a shock to some.

It is now being reported that the hosting company that hosts Truth Social is owed about 1.6 million and counting. In addition to that, it is said that the upstart media company, that has former GOP Congressman and shameless Trump defender, Devin Nunes, at its helm — is in “financial disarray.’

It also might speak to where his overall actual finances stand. It has been reported that he is having difficulty finding quality legal representation as a host of criminal and civil cases descend upon him. In fact, his current legal team has botched some legal filings since his Florida golf resort, Mar-A-Lago was lawfully searched last week.

Trump’s current legal team includes Christina Bobb, a former host on the right-wing channel One America News Network; Lindsey Halligan, a Florida insurance lawyer; Alina Habba, who was once the general counsel for a parking-garage firm; and Evan Corcoran and James Trusty, both of whom are former federal prosecutors.

To say this isn’t the “A” team is a major understatement. To say they are the “B” team might be an insult to “B teams” around the world.

RIghtForge, the hosting company that is reportedly owed the 1.6 million and counting dollars has declined to further comment on the matter.

 Add to all of that the fact that its merger with Digital World Acquisition Corp., a special purpose acquisition company, or SPAC, has been put off indefinitely amid multiple probes into its business dealings, including a Justice Department grand jury probe and an investigation by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

UPDATE: It is now being reported that Truth Social may declare bankruptcy very soon.

Salon reports: Truth Social has not been paying for web-hosting fees to the point where attorneys are now involved, traffic is collapsing, the value of stock in the company is plunging and money is running out.

With the Post reporting, “Former president Donald Trump’s Truth Social website is facing financial challenges as its traffic remains puny and the company that is scheduled to acquire it expresses fear that his legal troubles could lead to a decline in his popularity,” WaPo’s Drew Harwell wrote that the former president’s legal problems have added another cloud of Truth Social’s future.

The article also states that a probable bankruptcy is on the horizon.

Whether one is a contractor, a digital hosting company, an employee, or an attorney, one thing is becoming increasingly clear when doing business with Trump and now Truth Social — make sure you get paid up front if you don’t want to be added to the ever-growing list of people that The Donald and his companies have ripped off.