Iowa Republican Sen. Joni Ernst is very upset that the U.S. labor market is so tight at the moment, even though a country nearing full employment is usually viewed as a good thing, especially when you consider that when former president Donald Trump left office, the unemployment rate stood at 6.3%. It’s currently 3.7%.

During a speech she made on the Senate floor Wednesday, Ernst — who came complete with a giant “HELP WANTED” sign as a visual aid — whined:

“‘Help wanted.’ I see the signs in nearly every county I visit in Iowa on my 99-county tour.”

She added:

“Small businesses and public services are struggling to maintain the workforce that is vital to our communities The Des Moines public school district, for example, has over 100 vacancies and is providing $50,000 incentives for retiring teachers, nurses, and administrators to stay in school.

“Faced with a declining number of soldiers, the Iowa National Guard is offering signing bonuses to new recruits, along with other incentives to encourage current members to reenlist. Police departments across the state are also facing recruitment challenges, so the Iowa State Patrol is raising salaries and starting outreach efforts, with kids as young as the sixth grade to get them to start thinking about careers in law enforcement.”

Hey, the U.S. economy is humming! Shouldn’t Ernst be praising President Joe Biden for turning around the mess left to him by Trump in less than two years time?


Instead, Ernst complained that the nation is facing a worker shortage.

“America is facing a shortage of teachers, doctors, nurses, child care providers, construction workers, truck drivers, pilots, and even accountants.”


Now that Republicans no longer have rising gas prices or other economic issues to run on in the midterms, they’re trying to create new “problems” that aren’t problems at all. They’re talking points for an increasingly irrelevant political party which will forever carry the stench of insurrection.

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