A crowd of Trump supporters is being compared to Nazis after they performed a one-finger salute for Donald Trump as he spoke on stage in Youngstown, Ohio over the weekend.

Republicans constantly complain about being compared to Nazis, but their beef is quite pathetic since Trump supporters only bring those comparisons on themselves through their behavior.

They have Nazi tattoos, fly Nazi flags, and support Nazi policies all while devoting themselves to a wannabe authoritarian dictator who literally tried to overthrow democracy in January 2021 so he could remain in power. But now Trump supporters are going even further by performing a salute at rallies that strongly resembles the Nazi salute.

According to Yahoo News:

In what’s likely the eeriest of countless eerie scenes at a Donald Trump rally, the former president on Saturday lamented the ugly chaos of these times while supporters raised one finger in an overhead salute reminiscent of the “heil Hitler” gesture.

Trump ticked off his imagined list of current horrors in a kind of dirge with music playing in the background.

It’s absolutely frightening how Trump supporters are evoking the Nazis. Several Twitter users also pointed out the similarities between the two salutes.

President Joe Biden was right to call Trump supporters fascists. And Americans must reject them in November and beyond if we do not want history to repeat itself.

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