MyPillow CEO and Trump ally Mike Lindell hoped the Supreme Court would bail him out of a defamation lawsuit filed against him by Dominion. But that’s not going to happen.

Lindell has spent much of the last two years repeating Donald Trump’s lies about the 2020 election, even going so far as to falsely accuse voting machine maker Dominion of election fraud on national television and social media.

In addition to filing a defamation lawsuit against Fox News, Dominion also filed a lawsuit against Lindell. Lindell stands to lose billions if he loses the case. So, that’s why he has been desperately seeking to challenge the lawsuit.

Lower courts have already shot down his attempts to wriggle out from being held accountable. And now the Supreme Court has rejected him as well.

According to NBC News:

The Supreme Court on Monday rejected MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell’s bid to fend off a defamation lawsuit the voting machine company Dominion Voting Systems filed over his far-fetched claims about the 2020 presidential election.

The justices’ decision not to hear the case means a federal judge’s ruling in August 2021 that allowed the lawsuit to move forward remains in place.

Dominion sued Lindell and MyPillow in February 2021, claiming $1.3 billion in damages and alleging that Lindell purposely pushed the “big lie” that Trump won the 2020 election. Lindell repeatedly echoed baseless claims that Dominion’s machines manipulated vote counts to ensure that Joe Biden defeated Trump. The claims have been widely debunked. In the lawsuit, Dominion argues that Lindell knew his claims were false, while Lindell’s lawyers say he genuinely believes them.

Lindell clearly hoped the Supreme Court would protect him because there is a conservative majority on the bench, three of whom were appointed by Trump. Left with no other options, Lindell must now face the consequences of his actions and words as the defamation lawsuit against him moves forward in court.

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