Former Vice President and presumptive 2020 Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden put President Donald Trump in his place during a nationally televised speech warning him not a tee off at the golf course again until he helps hospitals defeat coronavirus.

Trump’s response to the pandemic has been a complete disaster from the beginning as he spent the first two months of the year downplaying the virus and pretending it was a “hoax,” and his incompetence and recklessness since then has resulted in nearly 130,000 American deaths and more than 2.5 million being infected.

Instead of continuing to adhere to social distancing policies, Trump demanded the country re-open earlier than recommended by health professionals, therefore exacerbating the spread of the virus in recent weeks.

Yet, Trump has found lots of time to play golf instead of doing his job.

And that’s why Biden hammered Trump in remarks that were also aired on Fox News Tuesday afternoon.

“The crisis is real,” Biden said. “And it’s surging.”

Biden then rolled out a plan Trump would be wise to immediately employ.

“We need to do more, including hiring at least 100,000 federally funded workers to perform contact tracing and other public health tasks,” Biden said. “And they should begin to be trained now. Second, every single frontline worker should have the personal protective equipment that they need to be safe. Five months into this crisis and our health care workers still are forced to scramble for their own supplies. And have to reuse these masks shift after shift. Hundreds of health care workers have died from COVID-19 and tens of thousands have become infected. It should be zero on both counts for these health care workers if they had the right equipment.”

Biden then called on Trump to invoke the Defense Production Act and not play golf again until the crisis is handled.

“That’s why we have a Defense Production Act,” Biden continued. “You know, Mr. President, use your authority, Mr. President. Use it this week. Scale up the production of N95 masks. You know the steps you’ve taken so far haven’t gotten the job done, Mr. President. Fix the shortage of PPE for our health care workers before you tee off another round of golf. We can’t just look at where we are today. We’re into these masks and gloves and face shields for the foreseeable future and we need to be ready. We know more is coming.”

Here’s the video via Daily Motion:

But Trump likely will not listen. He just went golfing this past weekend despite claiming that he would not be golfing. And he will probably go golfing again all while continuing to ignore the plight of healthcare workers and the American people as he pretends all is well.

The bottom line to a growing number of Americans is that we need to elect Biden in November so that we have real leadership in the White House again.

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