In the aftermath of Hurricane Ian, Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) made a big show of falsely accusing President Joe Biden of doing nothing to help Floridians. Now he’s an even bigger punchline than ever after he showed up to a photo-op wearing spotless white boots to pretend he’s doing something.

Biden had already signed emergency disaster declarations and approved government aid to the state when DeSantis and other Florida Republicans did nothing but botch their own response to Hurricane Ian. In fact, every Florida Republican in Congress voted against an aid package to help their own constituents.

Forced to tuck his tail between his legs when Biden arrived to survey the damage and sympathize with affected residents, DeSantis continued to pretend to help Floridians by staging a photo-op while wearing bright white boots that demonstrated his commitment to doing nothing.

Unfortunately for DeSantis, he and his boots drew mockery on Twitter that included many clever and hilarious photoshops.

If DeSantis really wants to help Floridians he should resign so they can have a governor who actually does the job. He can take his boots with him.

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