Well, if you thought that Trump “learned his lesson” after dining with two anti-Semite racists two weeks ago at his Mar-A-Lago resort — think again. It has become painfully obvious to the majority of Americans that the twice impeached former President is incapable of “learning lessons.” Last night, he chose to host a fundraising event for a Qanon documentary. Furthermore, he chose to pose for pictures with one of the group’s biggest conspiracy theorists, Liz Crokin.

Videos and photos posted to various social media sites show Liz Crokin, a major promoter of Qanon and pro-Trump conspiracy theories, including the well-debunked “Pizzagate” conspiracy, speaking at an event at Mar-A-Lago and later posing for photos with Trump. In one photo, the duo make a “thumbs up” sign together.

The event was billed as a fundraiser in support of a “documentary” on sex trafficking — one of the pillars of the Qanon conspiracy theory adherents. The website for the “documentary”, which includes multiple falsehoods and unbacked claims of massive sex-trafficking in Hollywood, brags that it is “Banned by YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and PayPal.”

So, no — Trump learned no lessons.

In recent weeks, Trump’s newly announced 2024 campaign has been playing defense on multiple fronts. On Wednesday, Trump’s real estate company was found guilty on all counts by a jury in New York of tax fraud. Last week, Trump on his own money-hemorrhaging “Truth Social” site called for “termination” of “of all rules, regulations, and articles, even those found in the Constitution” over false claims of election fraud. This all before Liz Crokin visited Mar-A-Lago.

Very few Republicans, particularly members of Congress, have mentioned Trump’s desire to terminate the Constitution in order to facilitate installing him back to power as a third world dictator would. While on one hand it doesn’t come to much of a surprise that Trump cannot learn from his mistakes, it is a little more surprising that at this point, other GOP leaders are not inclined to run, or at least walk away from him.