Kevin McCarthy will find out if the work he put in over the last few months is going to pay off. McCarthy has reportedly been making deals and promises behind the scenes to try to sure up the 218 votes he needs to take the gavel and be the new Speaker of the House. It seems, however, that the job he appears to crave so much may be beyond his grasp, at least on the 1st and 2nd ballots.

GOP rep Bob Good of Virginia, who seems proud to be part of the “Never Kevin” movement in the House, predicted on Fox News this morning that 10-15 Republicans will be rejecting McCarthy on the 1st ballot. Good said those conservatives will be voting for Andy Biggs of Arizona. That will be enough to deny McCarthy the speakership.

But if folks are thinking a McCarthy vs Biggs showdown will be happening, Good broke more news by telling Fox that there is another candidate waiting in the wings. That would also suggest that Biggs was merely a purposeful distraction, and not a “real” candidate for the job.

“I think you will see on the second ballot an increasing number of members vote for a true candidate who can represent the conservative conference, motivate the base, inspire Republicans across the country, get 218 votes to bring congress together to fight against the radical Democrat agenda,” Good said.

Fox host Griff Jenkins then attempted to extract a name from Good, but was refused. Good explained that revealing the candidate before the House Republicans vote would have exposed this “mystery candidate” to unfair bashing, thus the secrecy.

“I’m going to resist for a few more hours what I have resisted the last several weeks,” Good said. “As you know, if we were to put forth a name right now over the last few weeks that person would have suffered all of the attacks and retaliation.”

“You don’t have a name,” Jenkins said.

“Absolutely,” Good insisted. “Griff, you will see that name tomorrow on the second ballot.”

If Good’s predictions are accurate, the House could potentially fall into chaos and be prohibited from doing any of the people’s business. Nothing can move forward in the chamber until a speaker is elected. Even if Kevin McCarthy is elected by a narrow margin after a long fight, the wounds left could have much longer term damage at a time D.C. Republicans are in the spotlight and must show they can do more than just attack from the cheap seats — and actually legislate and govern, as they were sent to Washington to do.