Legal analyst Elie Mystal has noticed that far-right groups are searching for a court to help them ban women’s healthcare, particularly the abortion pill that terminates early pregnancies. In a piece for The Nation, she called out the Christian fundamentalists for attempting to regulate family planning with their own religious ideology.

The Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) is suing the FDA, alleging that the procedure used to approve the drug was not followed. Mystal pointed out that this argument is invalid since the timeline for lawsuits has passed, and the FDA’s procedures were updated in the 2007 Congressional amendments. In addition, Congress agreed that drugs previously approved would be in compliance with the new rules. The current limit is 6 years. Mifepristone has been on the market for 20.

“The lawsuit is so ridiculous that it hardly warrants discussion on the merits,” wrote Mystal.

Mystal then focused on the judge right-wingers seem to be targeting, Matthew Kacsmaryk, who could potentially be the person willing to ignore the laws and Congress. She described the Texas judge as the villain in her book, The Scarlet Letter, with a history of anti-gay crusading and denouncing the sexual revolution of the 1960s and ’70s. Since being appointed to the bench, Kacsmaryk has been a wish-fulfillment machine for the most extreme right-wing causes and legal theories.

Mystal compares the move to get Kacsmaryk to be the judge is akin to Trump getting Judge Cannon to hear his case against the Department of Justice. Her ruling was not only overturned by the higher courts, but the rulings included some very sharp words that seemed to question her understanding or willingness to follow actual law.

From her book:

“He was an anti-gay crusader for a Christian right law firm before Trump raised him up to be a judge. He claims that homosexuality is a ‘disorder.’ He’s attacked the right to contraception and denounced the ‘sexual revolution’ of the 1960s and ’70s,” the legal analyst. Kacsmaryk has stopped short of burning people at the stake, however.

“Since rising to the bench, Kacsmaryk has functioned as a wish-fulfillment machine for the most wackadoodle right-wing causes and legal theories,” Mystal wrote. “He once ordered the Biden administration to reinstate Trump’s ‘Remain in Mexico’ immigration policy—and then tried to do it again, even after he was overruled by the Supreme Court. In addition to the mifepristone case, Kacsmaryk will also be presiding over Children’s Health Defense v. Washington Post. That’s the ludicrous case in which death-cult anti-vaxxers allege that major media organizations violated antitrust laws and ‘conspired’ to shut down anti-vax websites because the companies refused to publish or promote vaccine misinformation.”

The main talking point that the group is using is that the drug, mifepristone, isn’t safe. Mystal contends that this is a boldface lie and pulls no punches in saying so.

“No amount of Gregorian chanting from the self-appointed Uterus Inquisition Squad can prove it otherwise,” wrote Mystal. “Still, it has to be taken seriously because there judge, Matthew Kacsmaryk, could be just the guy willing to ignore those barriers.”