“Pro-life” anti-abortion advocates celebrated Roe v Wade being overturned last year with a march in Washington this week. Some marchers carried a sign declaring that “God is pro-life.” The folks from the Twitter group “good liars” sent a reporter to cover the event. He asked one of the marchers if God is pro-life then why did he kill everyone on Earth except “Noah and some farm animals?”

After enthusiastically affirming that “God is pro-life” before he was asked the question, the man was left stupefied.

“I’m sorry” was his 1st knee jerk response. Then he went mute. He had no answer.

Check out the full clip below …

And that is probably for good reason that he had no answer. The Bible does clearly state that God killed everyone sans Noah and his family and 2 of every animal. Leaving aside the logistics of “every animal” getting to Noah’s place and then being able to survive on the ark, it does say that besides them, everyone on Earth was killed.

That isn’t the only time the “God of the Bible” went on a murder spree.

There’s Sodom and Gomorrah, where God killed everyone, and then killed a woman just for having the nerve to look back to see the destruction.

Let us not forget that God sent one of his angels, “The Angel of Death” to kill every 1st born son unless they threw some animal blood over their door. No blood, no surviving 1st son.

In fact, the Bible is full of passages describing God’s lust for murder and killing. That, of course, when he wasn’t busy leading Moses around on a 40 year “goose chase” to a place that should have taken he and his tribe a month or less to walk to.

Whether or not God exists isn’t really the question being asked here. What is more apparent that if God does exist, some people have really misinterpreted what he wants. God never mentions abortion in the Bible. Some ancient Jewish teachings do, and they give a green light to it, up to a point. They also do not recognize concepts like a fetus being a human life with full rights like the pro-life movement emphasizes.

For Judaism, the evidence in matters of abortion, then, is reasonably clear. The legal codes and rabbinic teachings tend to depict the fetus as simply a part of a woman’s body. Just as one may not wantonly mutilate one’s own body, so, too, a woman is not permitted to obtain an abortion merely for reasons of convenience. But just as she is permitted to sacrifice a portion of her body for her greater good, so, too, may she obtain permission for an abortion in order to assure her overall well-being. The fetus is not a person; it has no rights. Questions of ensoulment, while interesting, are essentially irrelevant. Thus, abortion becomes permissible, according to the vast majority of authorities, under a wide variety of circumstances.

But regardless of one’s faith, the one thing we can learn from Jewish teachers is that God does not forbid women from making their own decisions. It is not a legal matter. If God finds fault with the woman’s choice, then it is up to him to judge. After all, the Bible also tells us not to judge, lest we be judged.

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Furthermore, for people of the Christian faith, who believe that God knows all and has a plan for every person, then they must concede that if a fetus is aborted, then God knew it was coming. He then must either not provide that fetus with a human soul or if he does, already has a plan for it.

In other words, if a woman chooses an abortion, it is none of anyone else’s business.

And nowhere in the Bible, by word or deed, does it show God being anywhere close to pro-life.