This week, Tucker Carlson revealed his so-called ‘bombshell” video from January 6th, 2021 in an effort to convince people that the insurrection wasn’t an insurrection and the insurrectionists were just peaceful, sight-seeing tourists. Most of the world dismissed Carlson’s shameless efforts to appease the Fox base and attempt to bring his blatantly false narrative into any conversation about that day. Bill Maher, unlike most of the media, decided that ignoring Carlson isn’t enough, and took the Fox host head on using his own words.

Maher used footage from the riot — but not Carlson’s footage and paired it with Carlson’s words describing his supposed “proof” that the attempted coup was not an attempted coup but just those curious, well behaved, and respectful sight-seeing tourists.

Needless to say, Carlson’s words trying to reframe that day did not add up with what actually happened.

Bill Maher didn’t stop there. Maher then moved on to introduce a line of gold coins called “The Tucker Carlson Collection Of Unevents.”

Unevents like “JFK’s uneventful flight to Dallas” — “Jeffery Dahmer eats a salad” — “Bob Weinstein” and “George Santos says something true.”

Check out the complete clip from Real Time With Bill Maher below …

Yes, the clip is hilarious. But beyond the humor there is the more serious issue of Fox, who is currently under a legal microscope for defaming Dominion Voting Systems claiming their machines were rigged to flip votes from Donald Trump to Joe Biden. They claimed such things on the air while behind the scenes admitting all of that was false and the supposed “whistleblower” who they put on the air repeatedly was a nutjob. 

On January 6th, 2001, America watched in real time what really happened — a riot and attempted coup of our democracy. Fox’s shenanigans to change narratives may have worked in the past, but it seems that ship has sailed, as they say. Voters are slowly peeling away from the former President, and Tucker’s attempts to say everyone got January 6th wrong based on his less-than-4-minutes of footage is even getting backlash from Republicans, including Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell.