Ted Nugent is kicking off his “farewell tour” this summer and unlike other music celebrities who have such tours that sell out stadiums and arenas with all kinds of fanfare, Nugent’s farewell tour is barely a blip on the radar. Disappointingly weak ticket sales in midsize venues and being cancelled in places like Alabama over his anti-LGBTQ views have turned what he thought would be a glorious swan song into a very bad (and sad) joke.

Instead of “proving he still has it” on the stage, like most respectable musicians do, Ted Nugent is trying to remain relevant using what seems to be the only tool he has in his toolbox — political controversy. And of course, Nugent has to make sure he offends some people along the way.

Nugent referred to himself as “like Martin Luther King Jr. with a Glock” on his Spirit Spitfire program on Friday.

The aging rocker did so in an attempt to portray himself as “anti-racist.”

Nugent was defending Daniel Penny, the man who choked Jordan Neely to death on a NYC subway and is now facing 2nd degree manslaughter charges.

Nugent thinks choking a mentally ill man to death makes Penny a “hero.”

“So let’s talk about why we got here, why our government is now the enemy of mankind,” he opined. “So there’s Daniel Penny, U.S. Marine Corps, Semper Fi, putting your heart and soul into being the best that you can be. He encounters an engineered, recidivistic, multi-violent felon monster on the subways of New York.”

“Daniel Penny, good guy, 100%, good guy, as good as they get,” he continued. “And this monster that our system, our court system, and Alan Bragg, and Eric Adams, all these people that got jobs because of the color of their skin instead of qualifications.”

What “sweaty Teddy” discounts is that both Bragg and Adams were elected. They didn’t get their jobs through some affirmative action program. They won free and fair elections in New York City. People of all creeds and colors voted for them. Both were experienced candidates when they ran for office, and weren’t shoehorned into their jobs by the grace of some federal program as Nugent is trying to sell. People voted for them for all kinds of reasons, just as they vote for any other candidate for various reasons. Their elections were no different, but Ted Nugent wants Americans to believe it was different. Otherwise, he has no case.

In fairness, we don’t know if Daniel Penny did what he did out a desire to protect others as he claims or it was a racially motivated act of hate, as others believe. A judge and jury of his peers will most likely sort that out in the future. For now, we can leave all of that aside.

The one thing we can clearly see is that Ted Nugent is the racist that many already know him to be.

By trying to “flip the script” and make it like the “real” racists are those liberals and elected officials, Nugent only managed to own himself and expose himself as a racist.

Saying, “I’m “like Martin Luther King Jr. with a Glock” doesn’t change that. In fact, it reinforces it. Someone who is “anti racist” wouldn’t need the Glock to back that up. Only a fearful and hateful racist would.

It is purely speculation, but it is doubtful that Ted Nugent’s rant and attempt to ‘flip the script” will sell many concert tickets.