Donald Trump has decided that the Republican Party no longer needs a primary process. He believes that the only “process” that Republicans should be engaging in is anointing him as the Republican nominee and for everyone to simply fall in line with that.

Trump’s “reasoning” behind it is that because Joe Biden and the Democrats want a lengthy primary process, that Republicans should just skip the primary and declare him the winner before a debate has even happened or a single vote cast. Trump used to think polls were “meaningless” but since recent ones have him beating the rest of the field, we should just go with that, call it official, and forget the primaries.

Besides the obvious anti-democracy stance that such a notion is, Trump wants people to forget about when Rudy Giuliani was leading in the polls in 2007, only to be eliminated a few months later. Giuliani didn’t just lead in a single poll, he led for an entire year.

Then there was the time when Hillary Clinton was leading  in that same election on the Democratic Party’s side. She would eventually lose to Barack Obama.

America’s politics can offer many more examples of candidates who led early only to go down in defeat.

There’s another poll Trump probably doesn’t want people to know about. In 2021, after his defeat to Joe Biden, 61 percent of Republicans wanted Trump to have competition in the primary or not run at all in 2024.

Trump doesn’t want to hear about that, he just wants to skip the primary and have Republicans “unite” behind him.

Trump’s video, which lasts about a minute, is rather ironic on another level. He seems to have a new nickname for Joe Biden. Instead of “sleepy Joe” he now calls him “crooked Joe.” That is rich, considering that Joe Biden hasn’t even ever gotten a ticket for jaywalking. Meanwhile, Trump has been found to be liable and responsible for running a fake charity, a fake university, sexual assault, defamation, and is indicted on 34 felonies so far. His company has also been found guilty of fraud. This all just in the last several years. The rest of his career is a cornucopia of rip-offs, stiffing contractors, bankruptcies, hanging out with shady characters, racist attacks and housing policies — just to name a few things.

Who’s “crooked?”

Then, of course, Trump has to throw a few lies in the mix, or it wouldn’t be a Trump video. In this clip, he falsely claims he beat Joe Biden in 2020, when in reality he lost to him by 7 million votes in the popular vote and Biden had a clear majority in the electoral college.

Also, his claim of “beating Biden by a lot” in polling is at best “dubious.” Even the right wing leaning New York Post recently had Trump losing to Biden head to head. DeSantis, on the other hand, in the same poll, had a narrow 1 point lead over Biden.

Trump may be leading in primary polls now, but with imminent charges from DOJ Special Council Jack Smith in the next couple of weeks and possibly more indictments from Georgia by the end of the summer, Trump’s lead might not even last to the first primary. Yes, he still has a hardcore base, but most experts agree that since the 2020 election, Trump’s support has fallen and it is doubtful whether his recent rallies, the town hall, or anything else he has done since he lost in 2020 has gained him any votes.

Check out Trump’s clip below …