Donald J. Trump has been bragging about his wall for almost three years now. He has boasted about how impenetrable it is. He claimed no one would be able to get by it and it would stop all those “rapists and murderers” from getting to America.

We already knew the “rapists and murders” line was a hyperbolic fallacy. Now we know that his impenetrable wall is a farce as well.

It seems smugglers and other border crossers have found the key to beating Trump’s wall — a 100 dollar saw.

According to the Washington Post and other sources:

To do so, smugglers are reportedly using a reciprocating saw that can be bought for as little as $100. The tool can cut through the wall’s steel and concrete in minutes when fitted with the appropriate blades, Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents have said.

After cutting the steel bollards, smugglers have taken to returning them in their original positions in hope of reusing the passage without being detected by border officials.

Agents now reportedly patrol the wall in search of defects, which are mended. However, those repaired sections of wall are prime targets for smugglers, as it is easier to cut through the welded metal than it is to make new cuts. And the repair policy has also been targeted by smugglers who attempt to fool agents into believing a severed bollard has been fixed by applying putty to the site of the cut.

All of this should be unsurprising to the Trump administration. NBC News has reported border barrier prototypes tested in 2017 were found to be vulnerable to reciprocating saws. At the time, CBP spokesman Ralph DeSio argued that no wall, however well designed, would be impenetrable.

But wait, there’s more:

Trump also claimed that his wall, which has cost US taxpayers about 10 billion so far (and isn’t even close to being completed), was un-climbable. He boasted that the steel would be so hot no one could touch it in the hot sun and that would make it climb-proof. Well, it turns out, that was not accurate either. Smugglers have also found ways of climbing the wall. They do it by using “rebar ladders” to scale one side and rope ladders to descend the other. This has become especially popular near San Diego, despite the risk of falling from the height of a three-story-building (the barrier can be up to 30 feet tall).

So, to review …

  1. Mexico hasn’t paid a dime for the wall, but US taxpayers have forfeited 10 billion and counting towards it.
  2. The wall can be breached with a 100 dollar saw
  3. IF the border agents can even find the breaches and fix them, it only makes them more vulnerable to future breaches — a gift that keeps on giving.
  4. The wall can also be climbed over using rebar ladders and rope ladders
  5. We haven’t even gotten to other ways the wall could possibly be beaten.

Those are the facts. Trump can say that he is ‘making good’ on a campaign promise — a promise that just about anyone else with a brain can see is a fool’s errand based on the pitiful results of his 10 billion dollar (and counting) white elephant.

It is unknown how many times his wall has been breached and officials have so far refused to release details of that.