House Republicans made a serious blunder by claiming that all evidence against President Donald Trump is mere hearsay, apparently forgetting that Rep. Sylvia Garcia (D-Texas) is a former Houston judge, who proceeded to rip their claim to shreds.

Trump tried to bribe Ukraine into finding dirt on former Vice-President Joe Biden to use against him during the upcoming 2020 presidential election. In fact, he’s still pursuing such dirt through his lawyer Rudy Giuliani.

Witness testimony and damning evidence makes it clear that Trump committed impeachable offenses, but Republicans are trying every dirty trick in the book to derail the impeachment hearings and even intend to outright acquit him in the Senate.

One tactic Republicans are using is to declare all the evidence hearsay so they can dismiss it.

On Monday, Garcia pointed out that she is a former judge and that Daniel Goldman, who was testifying, is a former prosecutor. So they know what constitutes hearsay.

“Mr. Goldman, my Republican colleagues have suggested there is no direct evidence,” she began. “Is that true?”

“No, there’s a lot of direct evidence,” Goldman responded. “And a lot of the evidence that they say is hearsay is actually not hearsay.”

Garcia then briefly listed off several pieces of evidence and asked Goldman whether they meet the definition of hearsay, including the transcript of Trump’s July 25th phone call with Ukraine President Zelensky in which he demanded a favor in exchange for military aid he ordered withheld even though Congress passed that funding to help Ukraine fight Russian aggression.

Furthermore, testimony by Ambassadors Gordon Sondland and Marie Yovanovich is also considered direct evidence of Trump’s Ukraine scheme, with Sondland publicly admitting Trump’s bribery.

Goldman agreed that every example Garcia list is NOT hearsay, but direct evidence.

“I’m just disappointed that rather than to respond to the serious factual direct and undisputed evidence before us, my colleagues continue to make unfounded arguments about the process,” Garcia continued. “What President Trump did here was wrong. It’s unconstitutional. If anyone else did this, they would be held accountable.”

Indeed, had former President Obama done what Trump is doing, Republicans would have immediately impeached him. But because Trump is a Republican, they refuse to do their constitutional duty.

“I urge all my colleagues to face this evidence and uphold the oath each of us have taken to protect our constitution,” Garcia concluded. “Our democracy depends on ensuring that no one, not even the president, is above the law.”

Here’s the video via YouTube:

Obviously, Republicans are still going to attack the evidence by referring to it as hearsay, but Garcia spent her time wisely dismantling that tactic for all to see, reducing the likelihood that Americans will fall for their trick.


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