Now that formal articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump have been announced by House Democratic leaders, Republicans are in full spin mode, saying that such a move is unprecedented and would overturn the results of the 2016 election.

For example, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy had this to say at a press conference on Tuesday:

“Just because you created a timeline to impeach a president that you disliked, you ignored facts. We would never be here if they paid attention to the facts or the hearings. This is not a day that America will be proud about. It’s not day that history will write that anybody wants to repeat.”

But hang on just a second. The stench of hypocrisy hangs heavy on the bullshit being peddled by the GOP ever since Trump got busted trying to bribe and extort a foreign government for dirt on one of his political rivals.

How so? Well, consider this article from Vanity Fair just days before the 2016 election, when it appeared Hillary Clinton was on the verge of winning:

With the latest polls showing Hillary Clinton remains likely to win the election on Tuesday, Republicans are preparing for the possibility of a second Clinton White House by promising to make the next four years a living hell. Some lawmakers are talking openly about refusing to approve any Supreme Court nominees until a Republican is elected president, the F.B.I. is investigating both the Clinton Foundation and the former secretary of state’s use of a private e-mail server, and House Republicans have vowed to launch additional investigations of their own. Now, a growing number of conservatives are warning that there could be a “constitutional crisis” if Clinton is elected, and threatening her with impeachment.

Yep, even before the votes were counted, Republicans were tossing around the “I” word. They were willing to invalidate an election before the ballots were cast! Not only is that a threat to the very foundations of the American republic, it also shows what a bunch of craven political opportunists make up the modern GOP.

As has been the case for decades now, Republicans don’t care how they achieve power. They’ll resort to bribery, extortion, begging foreign countries for help, and depriving people of the right to vote if it accomplishes their goal of being elected at any price.

Trump is deserving of impeachment and removal from office. But his enablers in the Republican Party should be booted out, too. Come November of next year, we’ll have the chance to do exactly that. Let’s not waste the opportunity we’ve been given by those who came before us.

Featured Image Via CNN