For some unknown reason, President Donald Trump’s eldest son, Don Jr,. feels a need to repeatedly share absurd, surreal memes of his father on social media. 

But the meme Junior posted on Instagram late Monday is almost certain to send a chill of fright through his dad, HuffPost reports:

President  Donald Trump’s  eldest son on Monday posted a doctored picture of his dad ― shirtless, and with a shark on his shoulders ― to Instagram.

It was an attack on the impeachment inquiry into Trump over the Ukraine scandal. However, former porn star Stormy Daniels has claimed Trump (with who she reportedly had an affair) is terrified of sharks.

See for yourself:

In case you’re wondering, the image is apparently from a 2003 WWE SummerSlam commercial which featured wrestler Brock Lesnar:

In the past, Don Jr. has also posted things on social media platforms that left most people shaking their heads. For example:


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??????? #triggered #Christmas #christmastree #star #angel

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Have a great weekend everyone. ??? #maga #weekend

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All of this suggests that Junior is seeking to curry favor with his dad. But should a grown man be offering this sort of worshipful adoration of a man who cheated on his mother? When you consider that Don Jr. cheated on the mother of his children, too, maybe it all fits into some form of perverse logic that passes for “love” in the Trump family.

Here’s what the rest of us will always know Donald Trump for:

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