Mike Huckabee has viciously attacked Democrats on Twitter time and time again, yet he’s such a snowflake that when a Florida lawyer fired back, he filed a formal complaint with the Florida Bar in an effort to ruin the man’s career. Only his attack backfired.

Daniel Uhlfelder is the legal counsel for Florida Beaches For All, a group that seeks to keep the state’s beaches open to the public. Right now, the group is fighting a battle against Huckabee, who is trying to privatize a stretch of beach in front of a multi-million dollar mansion the former Arkansas governor and Fox News host bought.

If Huckabee succeeds, wealthy people could privatize all the beaches and bar access to anyone but themselves and their friends and family, meaning everyone else can no longer enjoy the ocean waves and the sand except from afar. That would not be right at all.

And so, Uhlfelder trolls Huckabee on Facebook with sarcasm and humor. Of course, Huckabee couldn’t take a joke, so he launched an assault on the Florida lawyer by filing a complaint with the Florida Bar, which could strip Uhlfelder’s law license from him just for exercising his right to free speech. It’s similar to Rep. Devin Nunes’ frivolous tactic of taking newspapers and critics to court to silence them.

And just like Nunes’ attacks, Huckabee’s attack had the effect of bringing more attention to Uhlfelder and his cause because his Twitter following grew from just a few hundred to over 80,000 after he posted a plea on the platform.

Uhlfelder even mocks former White House Press Secretary and serial liar Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

He also digs up damning photos of Huckabee palling around with Lev Parnas, a Giuliani associate who was recently indicted and is deeply tied to President Donald Trump’s scheme to bribe Ukraine in an effort to force them into opening a sham investigation into former Vice-President Joe Biden.

So far, he’s found three photos of Huckabee with Parnas, which should raise some serious questions.

Huckabee’s complaint to the Florida Bar should be dismissed and he should stop being a hypocrite. If he can’t handle criticism and mockery he should delete his social media pages and stop trying to take beaches away from Floridians. In other words, stop being a d*ck.

Featured Image: YouTube screenshot