Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang said Sunday that he would seriously consider pardoning Donald Trump if he’s convicted of crimes committed while he was in office.

During an appearance on ABC’s “This Week,” Yang was asked about comments made by Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) that if elected president she would appoint a task force to investigate possible crimes committed by Trump.

In response, Yang said he would first consult with his attorney general, noting:

“You have to see what the facts are on the ground.”

Yang then added:

“If you look at history around the world, it’s a very, very nasty pattern that developing countries have fallen into, where a new president ends up throwing the president before them in jail.

“That pattern unfortunately makes it very hard for any party to govern sustainably moving forward with a sense of unity among their people. And so to me, America should try to avoid that pattern if at all possible.”

The entrepreneur has also been critical of efforts to impeach Trump, remarking at recent debate:

“Americans are not focused on this in the same way the networks are.”

It doesn’t appear that Yang is making much traction with voters. Polls in Iowa show him in sixth place, and suggesting that he might pardon Trump won’t exactly win him many converts among Democrats, the vast majority of whom believe Trump should be removed from office and prosecuted for his alleged crimes since being elected president.

Despite the ball polling numbers, Yang sounded an optimistic tone on Sunday, commenting:

“We think we’ll surprise a lot of people on Monday night, and we’ve got a ton of support in New Hampshire.”

However, a “ton” of support in a state as tiny as New Hampshire isn’t exactly saying much, and about all that’s keeping Yang even the least bit viable at this point is his willingness to plow millions of his own money into the campaign.

Featured Image Via Fox News