Newly married Katie Waldman Miller is living up to the horrible human being reputation of her husband Stephen Miller after she snapped at a White House reporter Wednesday for daring to ask a valid question that Vice President Mike Pence refused to answer.

As coronavirus continues to spread, it’s especially important for Americans to have access to testing if they suspect they may have contracted it. The problem, however, is that millions of Americans without insurance can’t afford the $3,000 test.

Again, testing is crucial if we want to stop the spread of the virus. So Playboy White House correspondent Brian Karem asked a really good question at the end of Pence’s news conference inquiring about whether the uninsured will have access to testing.

“Guys, guys, can the uninsured, can the uninsured get tested?” he asked. “Gentlemen, ladies, can the uninsured get tested?”

But as Karem repeated his question while Pence left the room, his press secretary Katie Waldman Miller sniped at him.

“Screaming for the camera isn’t going to get you anywhere,” she said.

“Well how about answering the question?” Karem replied. “A valid question – could you answer it?”

Instead of answering, Miller scooted behind closed doors to avoid any further interaction with the press.

Here’s the video via Twitter:

At the very least, Waldman Miller could have answered the question. Instead, she came off as just as heartless as her husband, whose policies include locking children up in cages at the border.

The uninsured in this country number in the millions, and if they can’t afford to get tested, the virus will spread like wildfire among them and more people will needlessly die.

This question should have been and must be addressed, not ignored, especially since most of the uninsured live in red states that voted for President Donald Trump. Pence wouldn’t want Trump’s voter base to get sick and die, would he?

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