As the U.S. stock market dropped dramatically on Monday morning, President Donald Trump immediately tried to pass blame for the market free fall on factors other than himself and his policies, instead insisting that “fake news” was responsible for the 1,800-point drop in the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

In the past, as the market has risen to new highs, the president has been eager to claim credit for good economic news, insisting that his policies are responsible for the gains. Now, however, when the market is on the verge of crashing, he’s trying to wash his hands of the whole matter.

But to quote an old axiom in the financial world: Live by the market, die by the market.

A hashtag also began trending on Twitter: #TrumpCrash.

How wonderful for all of us! Our 401k accounts which are meant to help us all retire with some level of security are quickly becoming worthless, but at least we’ll pay less at the pump. That’s cold comfort for most Americans, and many were eager to give Trump a dose of reality mixed with outright rage:

In about an hour, don’t be surprised if Trump says the market is collapsing because of Obama or Hillary. He’s running out of scapegoats.

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