President Donald Trump’s tax-fleecing retreat Mar-a-Lago is now closed because of the coronavirus pandemic that is sweeping the nation. It’s not such a “hoax” now is it, Donnie?

Despite calling it a “hoax,” the virus has infected nearly 20,000 Americans across the country and at least 250 people have died according to the latest figures.

Trump has been bashed ever since for downplaying the virus, and now his own businesses are taking a hit due to his own poor response. That’s what irony looks like.

According to the New York Times:

Reeling from the global fallout of the coronavirus pandemic, President Trump’s family business has cut back hotel operations, closed some golf courses and restaurants and shed dozens of workers — all while pushing to keep other properties open and promote them on social media.

In recent days, the Trump Organization cut staff from hotels in New York and Washington, halted new reservations at a hotel overlooking the Las Vegas Strip and closed golf courses in Los Angeles and the Miami area, according to people with knowledge of the matter. It also closed the Mar-a-Lago club in Florida, which normally would be at a peak right now, with regular seasonal visits by Mr. Trump himself.

Predictably, Twitter users were all too eager to mock Trump over the news.

Maybe next time, Trump will listen to scientists and take action when a crisis is on the horizon. But, hopefully, there won’t be a next time because he will be ousted from office in November. Until then, feel free to laugh at Trump’s misfortune. He deserves it.

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