Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee once again attempted to play comedian on Saturday, this time with a crude tweet for people who are low on or don’t have any toilet paper. As usual, it hilariously backfired.

As the public panicked due to President Donald Trump’s poor response to the coronavirus pandemic, people rushed to the stores across the country and bought up most of the toilet paper, resulting in empty or nearly empty shelves.

Just as there are those who have more toilet paper and other supplies than they could possibly need, there are others who have very little or none at all, which is sad.

But it’s apparently just a joke to Huckabee, who suggested these unfortunate people use corn cobs to wipe their butts.

Yeah, that wasn’t received well a all. And it spectacularly backfired on Huckabee as he became the punchline instead.

Mike Huckabee really needs to learn to keep his mouth shut. He’s not funny and he’s rich enough that he could easily buy toilet paper and donate it to people who need some, along with other supplies. The only thing good about this “joke” and that the joke is really on him.

Featured Image: YouTube screenshot