Each of us is being challenged in different ways by the current national crisis which is keeping us cooped up in our homes and bringing us an endless stream of negative news.

But despite the bad we see around us, every crisis can be overcome — even if only temporarily — by applying some basic rules that ease the strain. Here’s 5 things to try when you need help navigating a crisis and coming out the other side stronger and more resilient:

Get Creative

It’s not always possible to change your in a dramatic fashion. Sometimes we all just have to deal with the way things are.

But hardship and challenging days can also be an opportunity for growth and looking at a situation in a new way.

Here’s an example from Lifehack:

“William Wrigley Jr. was a soap and baking powder salesman in the 1890’s and he always offered free gum to all of his clients. With his career as a salesman taking a turn for the worst, he noticed one thing that forever changed his life; people loved the gum he gave away more than the products he was actually selling. It was that one creative insight that got him through that difficult time and made him a monumental success.”

Be Grateful for What You Have

How often do we stop and appreciate all that we have? It’s easy to focus on the negative, but we all have things we can be grateful for, even if it’s just as simple as the fact that you have the opportunity to make tomorrow better than today.

For example: Consider a person in your life that means a great deal to you. Write out a note of why you’re thankful for that person and remember as you do that whatever may be wrong in your life is not as important as the good things.

Change Things Up

Maybe you just need a change of pace. If you normally do things one way, maybe it’s time to find a new routine that will present you with a different perspective.

For example, I walk my dog every morning, but do I have to relegate those walks to mornings only? Maybe an afternoon or early evening walk could be beneficial.


Be Kind To Yourself

One of the most important things you can do in difficult times is care for yourself. Has it been awhile since you read a good book? Find one you’ve wanted to read and devour it.

It doesn’t matter what you choose to do. Just remember that do something that brings you joy or diverts your attention from the negative.

Build Up Your Community

Community can mean the place where you live; your town, your city, your state or nation. But it also has another meaning: The people you surround yourself with.

By helping build others up, you can raise your own sense of self-worth and build a support network of people who are there to lift you up when you stumble.

Community is also essential because it helps to have someone who understands what you’re going through and can relate.


h/t Lifehack

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