Senior White House adviser Jared Kushner, much like a chameleon or the main character from “Zelig,” always seems to be changing forms while winding up at the center of every controversial policy that comes from the Trump administration. But he may also be the most dangerous man in America according to Arwa Mahdawi, who dubbed Kushner a “doofus” in a scorching op-ed published Tuesday in The Guardian.

Mahdawi begins by noting that Kushner does indeed seem to be everywhere when it comes to policy — and failure:

“Politics has become a reality TV show and quiet Kushner is often too boring to bother with; it is far more interesting to focus on his glamorous wife, Ivanka Trump, or his garrulous father-in-law. Yet over the past few years Kushner has managed to insert himself into the highest levels of decision-making while largely remaining behind the scenes.”

The most notable recent example of Kushner managing to both address and completely convolute a matter of utmost importance came last week when he spoke at the daily White House coronavirus briefing and asserted that the national stockpile of medical equipment needed by states such as New York, New Jersey, and Michigan doesn’t actually belong to the states. According to Kushner:

“It’s supposed to be our stockpile. It’s not supposed to be states’ stockpiles that they then use.”

That, according to Mahdawi, proved to her that Kushner is not only a failure, he’s also a threat to human life:

“Let me introduce the Kushner corollary: the idea that a handful of mediocre middle managers, through a combination of privilege and luck, manage to rise way beyond their level of incompetence to a point where their hubris poses a serious threat to the world. It is becoming increasingly clear that Kushner is not just a doofus – he is dangerous.”

The stakes could not possibly be higher in November’s election. If we want to take back this country from the grifters who are current running the show from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, we have to show up en masse and send a message that incompetence will no longer be rewarded. Another four years of this president and his son-in-law could wind up killing us all.

Featured Image Via NBC News