A columnist who writes for a newspaper in the hometown of Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) is warning that the congressman could be facing numerous lawsuits for the misinformation about coronavirus that he’s spread during his appearances on Fox News.

Writing in The Sacramento Bee, Gil Duran notes that Fox News is already facing legal action from an activist group for incorrect information the network and some of its host have broadcast. He also reports that 10 people in Tulare County, which Nunes represents:

“Ten people in Tulare County – where I was born and raised – have died from COVID-19 so far. Yet the Republican congressman continues to downplay the coronavirus threat in his regular Fox News appearances. Now, an activist group is suing Fox for its campaign to mislead viewers about the virus. If people in Fresno and Tulare get sick or die due to misinformation spread by Nunes, could the congressman – who is currently suing seven press organizations – find himself on the receiving end of lawsuits?”

Duran goes on to say that for some bizarre reason, Nunes “appears to think the pandemic is a joke,” adding:

“No one is laughing at the Redwood Springs Health Care Center, a Visalia nursing home where COVID-19 has now killed three elderly victims. Sixty of Tulare County’s 168 coronavirus cases appear to be connected to the facility, according to the Times-Delta. Nunes hasn’t even bothered to tweet condolences.”

Concluding his column, Duran concedes that it’s hard to sue a member of Congress for what he or she says, but Nunes — who is fond of filing lawsuits against those who criticize him — may soon be on the other end of the legal bar:

“The Fox lawsuit shows the degree to which some feel the misinformation campaign has crossed the line and endangered lives. Can COVID-19 victims successfully sue Fox ‘News’ for its consistent stream of misinformation about the coronavirus? Might the infamously litigious Nunes find himself targeted by legal action if the death toll in Fresno and Tulare counties continues to climb? Tragically, we may soon find out.”

If it does, the only person to blame will be Devin Nunes himself.

Featured Image Via NBC News