Over the past couple of weeks, as his poll numbers continue to tank and everything falls apart around him, President Donald Trump has been lashing out more than usual, attacking anyone who dares to disagree with him as he continues to defend the Confederate flag, blatant racism, and anything that he believes will further endear him to his shrinking core of supporters.

But what’s really going on with Trump? According to former Ohio GOP Gov. John Kasich, the answer is simple: Trump is failing and he’s run out of people to blame for his failures.

Appearing on CNN’s “OutFront” Monday evening, Kasich remarked:

“He’s flailing. He’s in a meltdown. He looks at his polls and doesn’t know who to blame. He blames his advisers and is even blaming Fox News now. He’s flailing. He doesn’t know how to stop things. So I think he’s just throwing everything out over the period of the last three days, hoping he’s going to strike a chord.”

The biggest concern for the president, Kasich added, is that his famed “base” is shrinking as more Americans see Trump as the cause of the many problems with confront the nation:

“What he doesn’t realize is that base he has, the edges of that base are beginning to fray. That base is getting smaller and smaller. Because he’s a Republican, he’s causing a brand problem for Republicans. And mark my words. There’s going to be a point in time where these folks are going to leave. Then many of them will say, I was never a part of this. I never supported him. In the meantime, because they had gone along, they have enabled him to do these kinds of just totally outrageous things.”

Trump had a chance to try and unify the nation on this Independence Day, Kasich concluded, but instead he chose to attack and divide the country:

“The Fourth of July is a time when Reagan or George H. W. Bush would rally people to what America is about, which is unity and together and lifting and equal opportunity for everyone. Not division and anger and talk about angry — I don’t know what he’s talking about. The protesters, he lumps them in. These protesters are marching. Because for too long, there’s not been enough justice in this system to make sure that people of all colors are treated equally.”

Donald Trump is on pace to lose the 2020 election by one of the largest margins in recent history. And the only person to blame is the one he sees whenever he looks in a mirror.