President Donald Trump acted like a toddler who spoiled his diaper on Tuesday when he abruptly stormed out of a “60 Minutes” interview and refused to come back to complete it, preferring to throw a temper tantrum on Twitter instead.

Election Day is only two weeks away, so any bad optics or embarrassing behavior will really stick in the minds of Americans right now. Rather than behave himself and act presidential, however, Trump did the opposite at the White House as he was being taped for a 60 Minutes interview that will air this Sunday.

What set Trump off is not as of yet clear, but he did attack Lesley Stahl on Twitter and posted what appears to be a deceptive six second clip of her not wearing a mask.

It should be pointed out that White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany was also not wearing a mask despite the fact that she recently tested positive for the coronavirus along with Trump and some of his other associates. And for all we know, Stahl may have put a mask on not long after the interview concluded.

Trump then accused Stahl of inaccurate reporting and threatened to post video of his interview early to somehow discredit “60 Minutes.”

This is beyond childish, and futile since “60 Minutes” has been hailed for outstanding journalism and has video of their own to refute anything Trump says.

While Trump refused to finish his interview, former Vice President Joe Biden actually completed his with “60 Minutes” and you can bet there won’t be footage of Biden running away from Stahl in a huff.

As Election Day approaches and Trump continues to dip in the polls against Biden, this latest tantrum isn’t going to help him, especially since Trump once admitted to Stahl in 2016 that “his attacks on the press were meant to discredit negative stories that emerged about him.”

Clearly, Trump said or did something that he knows will hurt him as this race enters the home stretch.

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