Outgoing President Donald Trump and his business is being investigated for tax crimes in the state of New York, and now Ivanka Trump is whining because she’s ensnared in the probe.

New York Attorney General Letitia James has been investigating the Trump Organization for some time now, which is scaring the hell out of Donald because he can’t use his pardon power to evade state crimes. And neither can his family.

As it turns out, Trump paid Ivanka “consulting fees” that he then wrote off on his taxes, an amount that comes out to over $700,000. You may recall that Trump’s tax returns acquired by the New York Times reveal that he has not paid much in taxes over a ten-year period, only paying a mere $750 one year alone. Clearly, Trump is a tax cheat, and writing off payments to his own daughter is just one of several ways Trump apparently thought he could screw over the government and not pay his fair share like everyone else.

Now that Ivanka is under legal scrutiny as well, she took a page from her father and whined on Twitter about it.

Twitter users, including attorney George Conway, were not amused.

It’s time for Ivanka Trump to be held criminally accountable for being complicit with her daddy’s crimes. Then she can whine about it in prison.

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