Outgoing President Donald Trump ignored unfolding crises in the United States on Saturday morning to crow about the name chosen for his farcical Space Force, only to be met with mockery.

Trump is still bungling his response to the coronavirus pandemic and over 300,000 Americans have died from it as he slashes vaccine deployment. He has also ignored the massive Russian cyberattack against our government that threatens national security.

Instead of dealing with those crises, Trump ignored them in favor of the unveiling of the name members of the Space Force will be known as on the one-year anniversary of the military branch.

Less than 40 years is not a “long history”. The Space Program goes back decades before that and certainly has a much prouder history. After all, Trump’s Space Force is about militarizing space, which violates the 1967 Outer Space Treaty. His obsession with making the Space Force a thing only makes us less safe because a space arms race is more likely to ensue.

America’s Space Program through NASA, on the other hand, has been about peaceful exploration and scientific advancement.

Trump bragged about his Space Force as if it’s a great achievement.

Of course, it is not a great achievement at all. The United States Space Command had been part of the Air Force and did not need to be a separate branch of the military. It’s a waste of money and time to make it so. It’s also an insult to Star Trek fans because Trump basically copied the Starfleet emblem for his Space Force and now he’s lifting from the Guardians of the Galaxy to give them a name. The whole thing is pathetic and should be scrapped when President-Elect Joe Biden takes office. It’s such a joke that Steve Carell turned it into a comedy series.

Americans mocked Trump and his Space Farce on Twitter:

The Space Force isn’t a Trump achievement, it’s a Trump embarrassment. And history will look back and laugh at it long into the future.

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