Outrage erupted across the country after a federal judge let Capitol insurrectionist Jenny Cudd go on vacation in Mexico, thus demonstrating that our justice system treats white conservatives vastly different than it treats people of color.

Indeed, black people have been murdered by police officers over the littlest things, but Cudd had the gall to beg the court to let her travel outside the United States after being involved in a terrorist attack on the Capitol and her request was approved by the judge with no objection from prosecutors.

According to USA TODAY:

In a Monday court filing, lawyers for Jenny Louise Cudd requested the court’s blessing to travel to Mexico’s Riviera Maya from Feb. 18-21 for a prepaid “work-related bonding retreat” with her employees and their spouses.

The filing, obtained by USA TODAY, noted that Cudd has no prior criminal history and has remained in contact with her attorney and pretrial service officer, who had no objection to her proposed travel plan. Prosecutors took “no position” on the request.

A U.S. magistrate approved the request, ordering that her pretrial travel restrictions to be amended to allow the four-day trip.

Under the conditions of her release, she is not allowed to travel to Washington unless it is for a court appearance or a meeting with her attorneys or pretrial services officer.

Not allowed to travel to Washington, but can flee to Mexico. Do prosecutors and the judge understand what the term “flight risk” means? Because this appears to be a scheme to skip the country until the charges against Cudd go away. There’s no way in hell a person of color charged with any crime would be allowed to even leave their prison cell, much less go on a vacation to Mexico.

In response, Americans lashed out at the judge’s decision.

Again, the insurrection Cudd gleefully participated in and bragged about resulted in people being killed, including Capitol police officers. She does not deserve a pass for her behavior, which she does not regret and would do again. She has no remorse and thinks she did nothing wrong. She’s a domestic terrorist and should be treated that way, not just by the United States, but by Mexico as well. The judge and prosecutors who signed off on her vacation should be fired or forced to resign in disgrace.

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