Former United Nations Ambassador and wannabe president Nikki Haley butchered American history in an attempt to recognize President’s Day on Monday.

President’s Day falls on George Washington’s birthday, but the day has since become a day to recognize all of our presidents, which is rather ridiculous considering there are some, particularly disgraced former President Donald Trump, who deserve neither appreciation nor recognition. After all, he incited an insurrection at the Capitol and refused to commit to a peaceful transition of power, something that would have horrified Washington, who voluntarily gave up power after serving two terms in office as our first president.

Haley is considering running for president in 2024, though her prospects of becoming the nominee are slim since Trump can still run for a second term because Republicans failed to convict him during his second impeachment trial. Even Haley opposed impeaching Trump despite her own late condemnation of his behavior.

So, she thought she’d try to impress Americans with her knowledge of our country’s history. And ended up falling on her face.

The Continental Army was not “unstoppable” as Haley claims. Washington’s army frequently retreated in the face of a superior British force. Only with the training provided by Baron Von Steuben and a military alliance with the French did our troops begin winning battles and secure our independence.

In addition, the Constitution was drafted in 1787, two years before Washington was elected president. The Constitution and Article II creating the executive branch came first. Washington was the presiding officer at the convention, but he was not President of the United States until 1789. And he certainly did not create the Constitution alone. If any Founding Father deserves most of the credit for the Constitution, it is James Madison, who went on to be America’s fourth president.

Historians immediately fact-checked Haley.

Other Twitter users also chimed in with mockery of their own.

Seriously, not knowing the history of our country and Constitution should be a disqualification from seeking the presidency. Then Trump would never have been president and Haley would be on the sidelines.

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