When Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Co.) got her GED, did it not have any civics questions at all? Because she apparently has no idea how amending the Constitution works, and that’s really pathetic when you’re a member of Congress.

After all, Congress is where constitutional amendments usually start.

The Constitution clearly lays out that the document can be amended, and it has been done 27 times since 1787, and could be amended again if the Equal Rights Amendment is ratified.

But Boebert, who has already repeatedly embarrassed herself by aiding insurrectionists at the Capitol, refusing to go through metal detectors, and blaming President Joe Biden for the winter storm that is causing the people of Texas to suffer, did so once again by claiming that we can’t just change parts of the Constitution we don’t like.

Keep in mind, this is a woman who worships the ground disgraced former President Donald Trump walks on, so she likely enthusiastically supported his demand that birthright citizenship as spelled out in the 14th Amendment be repealed.

She has also literally co-sponsored an amendment that would impose term limits on members of Congress, which is a necessary change our country and government needs.

Again, rewriting the Constitution is allowed by the Constitution itself, which Boebert would know if she had actually ever read it. And so, Americans humiliated her in response.

Seriously, every candidate for public office should have to pass a basic civics test before they can appear on the ballot. Then we wouldn’t have morons like Boebert in Congress.

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