Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Co.) made a complete fool and hypocrite of herself as usual on Saturday by disrespectfully attacking Vice President Kamala Harris and daring to lecture her about leadership.

Boebert had already clowned herself earlier in the day in a rant about “destroying our freedoms,” but went on to follow that up with disrespect toward Harris by refusing to refer to her as the vice president and complaining that she hasn’t visited the southern border yet.

A photo-op at the border won’t solve immigration issues. Boebert herself visited the border and that didn’t solve anything. Harris is working on the issue and progress is being made, but it’s particularly complex since disgraced former President Donald Trump’s policies turned the situation into a powder keg.

Boebert also has some nerve lecturing Harris about “leadership” when she and other Republicans supported the insurrection at the Capitol and failed to criticize Trump for golfing all the time as hundreds of thousands of Americans died of coronavirus.

Furthermore, calling Harris by her first name is really disrespectful. Boebert isn’t friends with Harris. In fact, they’ve never met. The proper way to address Harris is by using her title. Harris has earned it.

Americans jumped all over Boebert for insulting Harris and blasted her hypocrisy.

Just like Trump, Boebert thinks her job is about photo-ops and being on Twitter all day. She is disrespectful and has no business being a member of Congress.

Featured Image: Wikimedia Commons