Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) is now resorting to blaming his sex trafficking scandal on the imaginary “Deep State” as evidence continues to pile up against him.

Gaetz is the subject of a sex trafficking investigation by the Justice Department, which is working to determine if Gaetz brought an underage girl across state lines for sex. Since the revelation of the probe, evidence has surfaced of Gaetz paying women for sex and being involved in a fake ID scheme. Gaetz’s longtime associate Joel Greenberg is also ready to strike a plea deal that could include him flipping on Gaetz.

Of course, Gaetz is desperately trying to evade the scandal, even offering an unsigned statement of support supposedly written by female staffers in his office.

That didn’t go over well at all. So now Gaetz is insisting that he’s being framed by the “Deep State.”

Seriously? This is pathetic. The sex trafficking investigation against Gaetz was started during the Trump administration with former Attorney General Bill Barr’s approval. Also, the evidence against him is damning, including Venmo receipts showing payments made to young women.

Playing the “Deep State” card is so pathetic that Twitter users took Gaetz to the woodshed.

If Gaetz didn’t do anything illegal, why did he seek a blanket pardon from disgraced former President Donald Trump? In the end, Gaetz only has himself to blame and no amount of scapegoating will save him.

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