Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) posted a creepy photo of his now-wife Ginger Luckey sleeping on a plane on Twitter amid a sex trafficking investigation.

As we all know, Gaetz is under investigation for sex trafficking an underage girl. And like other predatory men, Gaetz is apparently hiding behind the woman in his life to make it seem like he can’t possibly have done anything wrong because an adult female likes him. It’s just like when he claimed all the women in his office support him.

We also know that Gaetz’s sister-in-law recently referred to him as “creepy,” something he proved this week by posting an unflattering photo of his bride on Twitter.

It’s one thing to take such a photo as a joke between you and your partner and then deleting it, it’s another thing entirely to share that photo with the entire world. It’s almost as if Gaetz wanted to humiliate the woman he supposedly loves. Twitter users certainly were not amused.

It’s definitely terrible optics considering the scandal Gaetz is currently embroiled in. Gaetz would go on to post a wedding photo of himself and Luckey. Twitter users were quick to use the occasion to remind everyone what a creep Gaetz is and informed him that marrying Luckey doesn’t grant him the spousal privilege he may be seeking. After all, their wedding wasn’t supposed to be until next August. Why the sudden rush?

Ginger Luckey just made a severe error in judgment, which is why no one should feel sorry for her if/when Gaetz is arrested.

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