Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) should start preparing to be arrested and indicted because his friend Joel Greenberg confessed in writing that they sex-trafficked an underage girl.

Gaetz has been in legal and political peril since it was revealed that he is the subject of an investigation into his sexual relationship with a 17-year-old girl, whom he paid to cross state lines.

Gaetz has desperately denied the allegations, even going so far as to claim that his female staffers wrote a joint statement of support for him. He has also claimed that the imaginary “Deep State” is framing him.

Greenberg, who is the main target of the investigation, has agreed to cooperate with prosecutors. So has a second witness. But the real problem for Gaetz is that Greenberg wrote a letter admitting their crimes in his effort to secure a pardon from disgraced former President Donald Trump.

“On more than one occasion, this individual was involved in sexual activities with several of the other girls, the congressman from Florida’s 1st Congressional District and myself,” Greenberg stated about the girl. “From time to time, gas money or gifts, rent or partial tuition payments were made to several of these girls, including the individual who was not yet 18. I did see the acts occur firsthand and Venmo transactions, Cash App or other payments were made to these girls on behalf of the Congressman.”

It would also appear that Roger Stone is involved in a pay-for-play scheme because Greenberg offered him $250,000 to help him secure a pardon from Trump.

According to the Daily Beast:

In late 2020, Greenberg was out of jail and in communication with Stone. A series of private messages between the two—also recently obtained by The Daily Beast—shows a number of exchanges between Greenberg and Stone conducted over the encrypted messaging app Signal, with communications set to disappear. However, Greenberg appears to have taken screenshots of a number of their conversations.

This new evidence is beyond damning. Gaetz should be indicted and immediately expelled from Congress. But Republicans apparently have no problem supporting and protecting a child sex trafficker. That makes all of them complicit.

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