Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) complained about the Green New Deal on Wednesday, and Americans took him to the woodshed for it by reminding him what the current energy industry did to Texas this past winter.

A winter storm slammed Texas earlier this year and the privatized energy grid fueled by oil and gas failed the state, resulting in millions being without power in freezing temperatures. Over 100 Texans died, and the death toll could be revised to be even higher.

Rather than remain in the state he supposedly represents, Cruz fled with his family to warm and sunny Cancun. He would be shamed into returning to Texas, but tried to blame his daughters for the trip.

The failure in Texas demonstrated that America needs the Green New Deal so our energy grid can be nationalized and revolutionized using renewable energy sources which would create millions of jobs and turn our nation into an energy powerhouse.

Of course, Cruz whined about it on Twitter because the oil and gas industry would be rendered obsolete, as would his top campaign donors in the process.

Again, the whole point of the Green New Deal is to transform the energy industry so it works better for Americans. Clean energy would protect our health and safety, is more efficient than oil and gas, and would work to prevent or reduce the effects of climate change.

Americans responded to Cruz by reminding him of the failure in his state, and mocked him because new technology has always rendered past industries obsolete in favor of building better ones.

You know what else is obsolete and needs to be replaced? Ted Cruz.

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