Now that he’s been caught, called out, and condemned for repeatedly questioning the efficacy and importance of vaccines to help prevent the spread of coronavirus, Fox News host Tucker Carlson suggested Thursday evening on his show that the blame for his misinformation lies with President Joe Biden.

Carlson began by once again repeating lies about COVID-19 vaccines, which have already saved countless lives and medical experts agree are the only way we’ll ever be able to defeat the virus, telling viewers:

“More deaths have been connected to the new COVID vaccines over the past 4 months than to all previous vaccines combined.”

That’s utter nonsense and a blatant lie, and either Carlson is too stupid to understand basic facts or he simply doesn’t give a damn that he’s trafficking in misinformation.

Instead of using actual scientific data, Carlson is citing the number of events reported to VAERS, the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System. Problem is, VAERS is not a database of vaccine injuries. It’s merely a list of medical events that have been reported after a vaccine was given to a person. VAERS doesn’t include verification that the vaccine cause the event or was real. For example, one doctor submitted a report in 2004 that a flu shot had transformed him into the Incredible Hulk.

A few minutes later, Carlson then blamed Joe Biden for the inaccuracies on the VAERS website, even though the site has been around for years and was never designed to be an accurate tracking device for vaccine injuries:

“Why hasn’t the Biden administration fixed its reporting system? You’d think that would be important.”

Carlson was pelted with scorn and mockery for his failure to even understand the basics of science and trying to blame his massive ignorance on others:

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