Following disgraced former President Donald Trump’s offensive Father’s Day message, QAnon Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Co.) insulted women by suggesting they get in the kitchen and make sandwiches. And it did not go well.

Not content to embarrass herself multiple times this week already, Boebert took to Twitter on Sunday with a pair of posts clearly designed to enrage.

First, she bizarrely recognized Father’s Day.

Then she made things worse by outright insulting women as if they are mere servants whose place is in a kitchen.

It’s as if Republicans don’t care that women are abandoning their party in droves. There are ways to appreciate fathers other than making a sandwich. Boebert’s post is degrading.

Americans mocked and trashed Boebert in response to both of her tweets.

Colorado voters deserve better because all Boebert has done is embarrass them time and time again.

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