Even though she wasn’t born into the Trump family, Lara Trump has some of the same qualities that are found on those who are part of the Trump genetic makeup: Lack of comprehension, failure to think before speaking, and a refusal to accept facts.

The former president’s daughter-in-law was a guest on “Fox & Friends” Thursday morning, ostensibly to discuss President Joe Biden’s policy proposals for dealing with the rise in the crime rate. Rather than actually discuss Biden’s speech on Wednesday, Mrs. Trump tried to blame Biden for what she called the “skyrocketing” crime rate in the U.S.

Co-host Brian Kilmeade asked Trump:

“How do you explain his approval rating was at 54%?”

Actually, in the most recent Fox poll, Biden’s approval rating stands at 56%, but it could have been 96% and Lara Trump would still try to slag the current head of state. She told Kilmeade:

“I mean, I truly don’t believe that. I don’t think that is a legitimate number. I also think that he gets totally coddled, guys, by the mainstream media. Every time you see him truly asked a question by so many of these outlets, they are these softball questions about ice cream.

“And he just gets glowing reviews all around from the mainstream media. “So very clearly people who tune in to those outlets are not getting the full picture on Joe Biden. I cannot believe that anybody would have his approval rating anywhere over about negative 5% at this point.”

Negative 5%? That sounds more like the approval rating her father-in-law would receive for his feckless response to the COVID-19 pandemic before the American people voted him out of office in record numbers.

Amazingly, co-host Peter Doocy corrected and in effect shut down Lara Trump by telling her:

“Fox News stands by the poll.”

What so many Republicans cannot seem to understand is that President Biden is indeed very popular, and so are many of his policies, especially those that relate to the pandemic. All the whining in the world from members of the Trump inner circle aren’t going to change that.

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