In large part because their political idol, former President Donald Trump, was impeached not once but TWICE, Republicans are now looking for any reason to suggest that President Joe Biden should also be removed from office, but their reasons are nothing short of pathetic.

Such is the case with Rep. Brian Mast (R-FL), who appeared on Fox News Sunday and demanded that Biden be impeached for “treason” and “schizophrenia.”

Mast began his fact-free rant by insisting that Biden had to be reprimanded for the military withdrawal from Afghanistan:

“No member of the cabinet is going to push for the 25th Amendment so I would say that one is out. Impeachment is absolutely something that should be considered. I would say no less than 10,000 counts of reckless endangerment — all of the American lives over there. That’s the minimum.”

And how exactly do you plan to impeach Biden when your party doesn’t control the House or Senate, Brian?

The Florida congressman continued:

“We know for a fact that the Taliban is the sworn enemy of the United States of America. We are still in the midst of the war on terror and as I said, I would absolutely consider the manipulation of intelligence, giving aid and comfort to the enemy — all three of those things are part of what meets the constitutional definition of treason.”

If the Taliban is the sworn enemy of the United States, why did Trump sign a peace treaty with them? Why isn’t Rep. Mast calling for Trump to be indicted and tried for crimes while in office related to the withdrawal from Afghanistan?

Mast then pretended he was a psychiatrist and let loose with this bit of stupidity:

“He is hollow, his decisions are empty, they’re void of wisdom. We see a naïveté to the aggressors he’s dealing with. Maybe there is an element of dementia there that we might hear about in years to come. But I would say at a minimum, this man appears to be schizophrenic with the statements that he’s making in front of one camera and the way that they are changing in front of a different camera.

“There’s definitely got to be schizophrenia there.”

Based on that flimsy logic, let’s diagnose Congressman Mast as suffering from rabies and an empty cranium.

Here’s the video from Fox:

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