President Joe Biden exercised by riding a bicycle, which triggered Fox News even though they never complained once about Donald Trump playing golf.

Trump played hundreds of rounds of golf on the taxpayer dime during his four years in office. Trump even played golf as Americans died by the thousands during the coronavirus pandemic.

Fox News never once had a problem with Trump golfing, but the network threw a hissy fit because Biden went bicycling.

During a segment on the right-wing propaganda network on Monday, host and Trump apologist Rachel Campos-Duffy bizarrely claimed that Biden isn’t fit for office because he rode a bike.

“Being the leader of the free world has to be the most demanding job in the whole world and he simply does not have the mental or physical stamina to do this job,” Campos-Duffy declared.

“That is why his handlers and his wife, who by the way look increasingly like Visiting Angels, have to schedule in these senior breaks for him so he can take naps and go for bike rides because he can’t concentrate on the job the way he should. I mean, just compare it to President Donald Trump, who worked these long, long hours and had impromptu hourlong pressers with the media.”

Here’s the video via YouTube:

Again, Trump played golf so much that he nearly played as many rounds in four years as former President Barack Obama played in eight years. Furthermore, Trump did NOT work “long” hours. He spent most of his time watching Fox News and tweeting. That is not work. He even referred to this non-working time as his “executive time” and largely refused to read daily briefings.

The fact that Biden exercises by riding a bicycle demonstrates he is physically and mentally fit to be president. Cycling improves physical fitness far more than hitting a little white ball and riding in a golf cart all day does. It also benefits mental health.

Fox News apparently thinks cycling isn’t a real sport or real exercise now just because Biden does it.

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