Senator Joe Manchin (D-W.V.) proved on Sunday that progressives were right to fear splitting the Build Back Better plan from the infrastructure bill by literally bragging on Fox News that he intends to vote against it.

Progressives expected the infrastructure bill, which was passed into law last month, would be passed together with the human infrastructure bill known as Build Back Better. The Build Back Better plan includes funding for childcare, education, climate change, prescription drugs, and child tax credits. It’s also completely paid for via raising taxes on the wealthy. But Democrats split the two bills and Manchin along with Senator Kirsten Sinema (D-Ariz.) forced a vote on the infrastructure bill first with the expectation that they would vote to pass Build Back Better separately.

Of course, that was a total lie because Manchin went full turncoat against the Democratic Party and the majority of Americans who support the plan. He even announced his opposition on Fox News, making clear that he might as well switch his party affiliation and should no longer receive any kind of support from the Democratic Party.

In response to his announcement, Americans trashed Manchin on Twitter.

Joe Manchin should no longer be welcome in the Democratic Party. He should be stripped of his committee assignments and primaried in the next election. This man is bought and paid for by the GOP and special interest groups. Meanwhile, his constituents are living in poverty. He should be ashamed, and the entire nation should be demanding his resignation.

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