Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee released a disgraceful anti-vaxxer message on Twitter Friday that they quickly removed after significant backlash.

As the Omicron strain of the coronavirus continues to spread rapidly across the country because of the unvaccinated, after 800,000 Americans have already died from the virus, House Republicans attempted to dissuade Americans from getting a booster shot by suggesting that it won’t work.

“If the booster shots work, why don’t they work?” the tweet read.

Except that the vaccine and subsequent booster shots have been incredibly effective in preventing the worst symptoms of the virus, including death. Vaccinated people can still contract the virus, but it will be milder. The reason why there are still coronavirus cases, mass hospitalizations, and deaths is because Republicans have been preaching anti-vaccine and anti-mask propaganda. The current phase of the pandemic is a pandemic of the unvaccinated.

Even Donald Trump has been urging conservatives to get vaccinated yet they still won’t listen. It’s a ploy by Republicans to hurt President Joe Biden politically. They want to claim that Biden hasn’t been successful in handling the pandemic even though it’s only people who are unvaccinated that are contracting it and dying.

The House Judiciary GOP soon deleted the message.

But not before Americans shamed them and pointed out the facts.

COVID misinformation is killing Americans. Republicans are spreading that misinformation, therefore they are killing Americans. They want Americans to die, including their own constituents. Sadly, their constituents will still vote for them even if it kills them.

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