As Ukraine continues to fight for its existence as an independent nation from Russian aggression, Donald Trump once again sucked up to Vladimir Putin while insulting President Joe Biden and other NATO leaders during remarks at CPAC.

Russia invaded Ukraine earlier this month and Republicans have been giddy like schoolgirls about Russia and Putin ever since, basically siding with the enemy against a democratic nation and ally.

Trump, who acted as Putin’s puppet during his four years in the White House, continued praising Putin at CPAC by calling him “smart” while complaining about sanctions and attacking NATO leaders, which includes Biden and our allies.

“Yesterday reporters asked me if I thought President Putin was smart,” Trump said. “I said, ‘Of course, he’s smart,’ to which I was greeted with, ‘Oh, that’s such a terrible thing to say.’ Yes, he’s smart. The NATO nations and indeed the world, as he looks over what’s happening strategically with no repercussions or threats whatsoever, they’re not so smart, they’re looking the opposite of smart. ‘If you take over Ukraine, we’re going to sanction you,’ they say. Sanction? Well, that’s a pretty weak statement.”

“Putin is saying, ‘Oh, they’re going to sanction me? They’ve sanctioned me for the last 25 years. You mean I can take over a whole country and they’re going to sanction me? You mean they’re not going to blow us to pieces, at least psychologically?’ The problem is not that Putin is smart, which of course he’s smart, but the real problem is that our leaders are dumb, dumb, so dumb,” he concluded.

Here’s the video via Twitter:

In fact, sanctions are crippling Russia’s economy, and the military equipment we have sent to Ukraine has helped them put up one hell of a fight against the Russian army. Most of the world stands in solidarity with Ukraine, but Republicans do not. Had Trump been in office, he would have allowed Putin to do whatever he wanted to Ukraine without any resistance whatsoever. He certainly would not have ordered military action. He’s Putin’s puppet after all. Biden has not taken military intervention off the table. It’s the Ukrainians who asked us not to intervene in that way.

Trump and the GOP have sunk to yet another new low and a treasonous one at that. They are cheering on Russia as it attempts to take over a sovereign democratic nation for no other reason than Ukraine wants to join NATO and have closer ties to the United States and Western Europe. Ukraine has the right to choose its own destiny and Americans should support that. But Republicans are siding with a murderous dictator instead and there need to be consequences for it.

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