Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.) apparently has not watched any of the Supreme Court hearings on Capitol Hill so far because he had the audacity to claim that Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson has been treated with respect by Republicans.

Jackson has been tapped to replace retiring Justice Stephen Breyer on the high court, which means days of Senate hearings leading up to a confirmation vote. In the lead-up to the hearings, Republicans attacked Democrats for rightfully putting Bret Kavanaugh under a microscope after allegations of sexual assault surfaced against him. They falsely claimed Democrats disrespected Kavanaugh but promised to be respectful of Jackson.

That was a lie based on how Republicans have treated her thus far given that they have repeatedly lied about her record while smearing her as soft on child pornographers.

But Paul insisted on Wednesday that Republicans have been nothing but respectful.

“I think everybody did treat her with respect though,” Paul said. “Nobody accused her of rape or assault in high school or in college. So I think from that point of view, Republicans are much more respectful than Democrats have been in the past.”

Democrats did not accuse Kavanaugh of rape or assault either. But Kavanaugh was credibly accused by multiple women of sexually assaulting them and such allegations are necessary to investigate. Unfortunately, Republicans refused to adequately investigate the serious allegations and voted to confirm Mr. “I Like Beer” anyway despite him being totally unqualified to sit on the Supreme Court.

Republicans have absolutely not treated Jackson with respect. One GOP senator even attacked her interracial marriage by voicing his support for overturning the unanimous landmark 1967 ruling in Loving v. Virginia.

They have also suggested she’s racist for supporting critical race theory even though they showed no proof she actually does. Republicans should be ashamed of themselves for acting like petty toddlers during these important hearings. Kavanaugh was accused of committing serious crimes against women while Jackson has never been accused of committing any crime at all. The only “crime” she has committed in Republican eyes is being a black woman nominated to the highest court.

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